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Smart School is an Online learning and teaching marketplace software. Smart School helps people create and sell their own online tutorial courses. Smart School incorporates the best of all ed-tech platforms like Udemy, Coursera, EdX, Khan Academy, etc.

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Create and Sell Courses

Smart School enables people to create and sell their OWN courses online on any skill or expertise.

Admin dashboard

Smart School provides a comprehensive admin dashboard. It helps people start their OWN online academy/school and manage it well.

Tutor dashboard & analytics

It has a comprehensive tutor dashboard.

Multiple Monetization

Smart School provides multiple monetization channels to ensure good remuneration. Monetization features include Subscription, Featured listing, Commission on sales & Banner ads.

Upload courses in multiple formats

Smart School enables uploading of courses in multiple formats. This includes PDF, audio and video.

In-built payment gateways

Smart School incorporates in-built payment gateway to collect payments. It has Stripe and PayPal for collecting money through credit cards.

Fully customizable & own 100% Intellectual property of the source code.

Native Android and iOS apps for your Online school

Users can login / signup using the app, buy courses, complete the course, view audio/video lectures inside the mobile app, favorite courses, search and filter courses based on categories, price, ratings and Review the tutor and the course.

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Multi-language module

Start your Online School in another language. SmartSchool application supports multiple language. You can launch your business globally and target users around the world.

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Study courses from mobile apps also

Courses can be read and completed from mobile apps.

Browser categories and tutor profiles

Browser categories of courses and tutor profiles can be checked on mobile apps.

Purchase and make payment for courses

Mutiple monetization channels and payment gateways can be accessed via mobile apps.

Wish list

You can favorite courses from mobile app and create your own wishlist.

Advanced search filters.

Advanced search filters can be accessed via mobile apps to search courses, etc.

Social login and profile management

Social login through FB, etc., provided via mobile apps, for tutors and students to discuss courses, etc. Profile management via mobile apps also available to check profiles.

Multiple monetization channels

This open source learning platform has 6 types of monetization channels.

Multiple monetization channels help an individual or a group of people running an online business to earn good remuneration. An online academy/online school can bring in good revenue via multiple monetization channels. Smart School is an open source learning platform which has 6 types of monetization channels.

Course listing fee

Featured courses

Commission % on course sales

Commission % via categories

Commission % on individual tutors

Banner display ads


Facebook Messenger BOT ( Artificial Intelligence )

Why integrate FB messenger BOT?

Because FB messenger has 1 billion active users every month. As a business owner, you should take advantage of external platforms with such a massive base.

What can this BOT do?

It can save your customer support time. It's available 24x7, 365 days a year. Your website visitors can talk to this BOT to find out `` Courses suggestions based on user’s interest `` , `` Order and buy courses from their Facebook messenger app ``.

Does it require programming knowledge?

No, You don't require any programming knowledge. You will get Facebook messenger BOT for your business along with your purchase of SmartSchool application. We will setup and configure it for you.

We’ve got the perfect pricing for you!

No company is too big or small for us. If you have got any questions – Give us a call at +1-408-909-5136

  • Regular
    • $ 399 One-time purchase
      • Web platform & Admin backend
      • No Mobile apps ( Android and iOS )
      • No Facebook Messenger Bot
      • 100% source code for web platform
      • You own IP rights
      • Free Installation by our team
      • 6 months Free support
      • Lifetime product upgrades.

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  • Premium
    • $ 999 One-time purchase
      • Web platform & Admin backend
      • Mobile apps ( Android and iOS )
      • Facebook Messenger Bot
      • 100% source code for web platform
      • You own IP rights
      • Free Installation by our team
      • 1 Year Free support
      • Lifetime product upgrades.

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Regular License Vs. Premium License.

If you have got any questions – Give us a call at +1-408-909-5136

Web platform
Android app
iOS app
Facebook messenger AI Bot

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions? Great, we’ve got all the answers!

Where can I find the demo?

Frontend demo

Password: Login@123

Web admin panel demo



password: admindemo


Android app demo :


iOS app demo :

What do I get after purchase?

After you complete the purchase, you will instantly receive an email from our delivery partner ( ) with the access to source code files. The package will have Source code files, Installation document, Knowledge base links and How-To guides. If you got any questions, you can raise a support ticket immediately.

Will it be Installed on my own server?

Once you purchase the software, our expert installation team will do the installation of the software on your server. The installation is free of cost. If you are a tech person, you can install it by yourself with the help of installation document.

Is the Software Encrypted?

The software is not encrypted. You will get 100% open source un-encrypted software ( web platform, android app and iOS app ). You have full rights to modify and customize the code.

Can I have my own logo & branding?

Once you purchase the product, you will own 100% ownership and source code. You can change the logo and branding to your business name. The software will be installed on your server and you can tag your domain name to it.

What's the technology stack used?
We have used Laravel PHP Framework and Angular JS to load the content in the front end.
> Mysql
> Redis cache
We have used Redis for caching database to deliver high performance.
> NGINX web server.
> JQuery
> Boostrap

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