Server requirements

Server requirement for Pinlearn products
To install and run our software – Any VPS hosting is good.
VPS hosting comes in two types –
a) Managed VPS
b) Unmanaged VPS
If it’s a managed VPS – make sure you have the server requirements ready.
We prefer Unmanaged VPS with ROOT access. Since it gives us the full control to manage your server – it helps us to install and configure everything at our end.
Requirement :
Server: Linux/Ubuntu
Dedicated server: is better.
Hardisk: > 2GB
PHP: >=5.5.9
Apache or Ngnix
Our Recommended hosting : 
Unmanaged VPS – Digital Ocean –
$20 per month plan.
When you set up the droplet – Select Ubuntu OS and leave all other fields empty and create the droplet. You will receive droplet server IP, username and password in your email.
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