Teaching is Fast and Fun with an Online Training Software

Learners can do better than you think. You can teach them in a better way than you already do. Convert your efforts into your biggest assets by teaching them via your custom online training software in a virtual classroom environment.

Online Training Software Development

As an online training software development company, we are committed to building competent simulations of virtual classrooms with the benefits of digital learning.  If you depend on physical classrooms and other physical assets to conduct training sessions, you definitely need this service to enhance your efforts and save a lot of expense.

Why Do You Need an Online Training Software

An online training software makes course development, course delivery, and teaching staff management naiver. They are designed to enhance the teaching and learning operands via digital mediums, which are easily accessible to both the trainers and the learners.

Whether you’re a small business, an enterprise, or an educational institute, or an individual tutor, virtual classroom software enables many advantages over your dependence on traditional classroom-based sessions.


A digital copy of every data managed by an integrated LMS can automate everything ex. grading the tests, enrolling students, managing online attendance, giving assignments, AI-based quizzes, etc. 


Not just course creation is faster with integrated authoring tools, but also the sharing and delivery web is quicker using web and intranet media.


With virtual classroom software, save every penny to be spent on physical classroom sessions ex. Cost of location, catering, teaching-aids, printing, stationery, travel, boarding etc.


Simplify courses and complex concepts into digestible chunks using digital teaching-aids, micro-modules, videos, discussion threads, and AI-based quizzes. Training is fun with virtual classroom software.

Revolutionizing Education with Online Training Software

Teaching happens as a two-way phenomenon. When you teach someone, the other party must not only learn but also retain it. An online training software breaks many barriers that learners face in the traditional learning methods.

Flexible learning

Through online training software, you can make learning flexible in terms of accessibility and geographical constraints. It allows a flexible timetable to learners and teachers and lets them arrange a session anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Asynchronous learning

Physical classroom sessions happen in a synchronous environment where learners and trainers should be available at the same time. A virtual classroom software, with high-quality live streaming, also enables session recording, where learners can browse recorded videos in case tutors are not available in real-time.

Independent Learning

Learners need not depend on live training sessions to clear their doubts. With the best online training software in your hand, you can let your students submit their queries anytime and discuss with fellow students. Tutors can provide their feedback once available to do so.

Blended Learning

Teachers may follow unorthodox modes and use teaching-aids to explain the concepts. However, teaching-aids are not as easy to obtain. You need substantial time and money to get physical resources – in actual sessions. Comparatively, a virtual classroom software allows easy access to digital teaching aids. Ex explainer videos, images, digital notes, etc.  

Why PinLearn for Online Training Software Development?

E-learning software development is our forte. With a team of experienced professionals from the e-learning industry, our online training software development service is a one-stop destination for all your needs of a world-class solution.

You can trust Pinlearn’s team for –

  • Professionalism
  • Innovative implementations
  • Transparent development
  • On-time service delivery
  • Bug-free solutions
  • Economical quotations
  • No-hidden charges
  • Exceptional post-sales support

What Can You Ask Us To Do?

We can and have developed an array of e-learning solutions for clients across the globe.  The development services are and not limited to-

  • Custom e-learning platforms
  • E-learning authoring tools
  • Integrated LMS tools
  • Video tutoring solutions
  • E-learning Apps for Android and iOS
  • Blended Learning solutions
  • Learning assessment tools
  • Peer-to-peer feedback system
  • User collaboration tools
  • Integrated live chat support
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Employee training software
  • Online tuition software
  • e-learning marketplace software

Don’t think, Consult Us

Every software is unique and requires comprehensive research and innovative development. You can check out our turnkey solutions, or tell us your requirements, we will build your online training software from scratch. Don’t hesitate to drop an email for any query or consultation.

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