How to Teach Online and Earn Money? Tips You Should Know

How to Teach Online and Earn Money

How to Teach Online and Earn Money? Tips You Should Know

Today, the smartest of people are making the web work for them. A sizeable chunk of this niche population belongs to the online tutors. These people are busting the myth that money pours in not only through classroom teaching but also through countless other channels- the online channels.

Too many of them have even volunteered valuable tips to teach online and earn money. This article will present a condensed overview of what it takes to teach online and get paid.

Prepare yourself to teach online:

Take the first big stride to teach online. Here are the amenities you might already be having-

  1. A computer: This is a seemingly redundant tip. If you are already thinking of teaching online you surely have a computer of your own. If not, you should consider, without delay, how to arrange for one. It need not be a high-end laptop or a highly advanced personal computer. All you need is a well-functioning system that will come in handy every time.
  2. Internet connection: This is a must, as, without an internet connection, you are technologically crippled.
  3. Smartphone: Any smart device will take you a step ahead in your first ever stint as an instructor looking to make money through online classes. Imagine the kind of reach you will have if you can skillfully sprinkle one or two videos in every online module you teach. Basic benefits aside, the boons of smartphones and other intelligent devices are many. It is just a matter of leveraging those advantages to build your first online courseware.

Useful skills you need to have as an online instructor:

Becoming an online instructor is no easy street, and much like other first-time ventures, it does not happen overnight. It takes a good range of skills to be a successful online tutor. The following skill sets are a must-have if you are keen on learning how to make money with your online courses-

  • Communication skills: Figure out the basics first. Are you a better communicator verbally or in writing? If your oral communication skills are exceptionally good, go for video-based knowledge delivery. Else, if you excel more in text communication, make your teaching modules more text-based. As a useful tip, learners will actually prefer a blend of both.
  • Capacity to explain: Always keep in mind that you are interacting with your students through a screen. So your demonstrating capacity should be ten times more than that of the traditional classroom instructors.
  • Time management skills: You have to dedicate time slots for every granular activity. From preparing course materials to assessing learners’ performance, every single process should be time-managed. This is one way to make the most out of your online teaching efforts and earn money.
  • Technical skills: A few rudimentary skills such as working with spreadsheets, powerpoints, basic software programs and photoshop skills will set you up for success as an e-instructor.

How to reach out to the prospective learners?

Before you ask how to teach online classes and earn money, you should be on a serious lookout for your prospects. Learners who are on a hunt for teachers like you. The e-learners are mostly the university students and the working professionals who have one thing in common- lack of time.

This is the very reason why they opt for online educational aids.

Below is a quick rundown of the different means to announce your presence to your learners-

  1. Be an active user of Social Media platforms: Your prospects are dedicated netizens. You find them on any or all of the popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. So you know where to start. The advertising options on each of these outlets are the powerful sales funnels. Promote your courseware on any of these sites and get found in no time.
  2. Create your presence as a blogger: Bloggers are the digital rulers. The amateur bloggers-turned-influencers are rising in number and it’s nearly time you join the bandwagon. Blog about what your interests and what knowledge you like to share. Within a really short span, you will be ruling not just the blogosphere but a larger digital space as an esteemed online instructor.

Guide to improving your online courseware:

Much shared already about setting up your online course modules and earning money from them, it is time you learn a few hacks to improve the standard of your courseware. These will help you make more money with online courses.

Presenting a few essentials below-

  • Choose your niche: Do not spread yourself thin by speaking about multiple topics on different platforms. Choose only the niche that attracts you and prospects will pour in.
  • Choice of medium: Be selective about which medium you are using to spread optimal knowledge. Among the available and popular options like live webinars, podcasts, and online videos, choose the one that best fits the needs of your learners.
  • Engagement: Although this is a form of virtual learning, do not set limits. Bend your boundaries endlessly and engage with the users. Clarify their doubts through instant messaging, or even better, set up discussion communities to foster communication among co-learners.
  • Make your courseware user-friendly: Today’s learners aren’t famous for their patience. They will spend neither time nor energy understanding the intricacies of your e-learning software or application. Make use of some of the best Learning Management Systems to come up with an adaptive and easy-to-use courseware.
  • Feedback: This will work both ways. Provide feedback to the learners on their accomplishments and encourage them to enroll in related courses to boost their careers. Also, allow them to feed you back with opinions on your course structure and mode of instruction. Over time, this will let you understand all vital factors associated with e-learning and help you earn the maximum money by teaching online.


Already declared a $100 billion industry in 2015 by Forbes, the online course market is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. Irrespective of the evolutions in the global market, this will remain a stable niche generating positive cash flow.

So find your niche and start earning through online teaching!

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