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With cutting-edge technologies, best infrastructure, and experienced eLearning software developers, we can make your dream software a reality. We offer custom eLearning software development to convert your innovative business ideas into programs. If you possess an EdTech business idea in your mind, we have got it covered for you.

Understanding eLearning Software

An eLearning software brings two sides of a learning activity together on a single platform-Learners and Tutors. It enables a tutor to deliver digital courses and instructions to the learners electronically via the Internet, intranet, or any other medium. 

Types of eLearning Software

There are many solutions for meeting differing objectives of varied online teaching and learning activities. Depending on the motives and learning environment, we can classify eLearning software in the following categories:

Authoring Tools

Such tools let you design digital courses. While some tools act as eLearning course software, there authoring tools that also allow sharing of courses on the internet or intranet. These tools come packed with features to develop the instruction sets in formats like Text, PDFs, Audio, Video, Slideshow or even Animation.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Such tools let you track and evaluate the learning progress using multiple methods like assessment tests, assessment report generation, course duration tracking, etc. Some custom LMS tools are also backed by AI capabilities to track analytics of the eLearning course software and learning progress.

Content Management System (CMS)

Such a software organizes course development workflow and manages the distribution with the learners. Basically, they organize and manage all the users and online courses, and track different other activities. For example, the number of tutors, students, courses, course summary, URLs, web-pages, SEO content, etc.  

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Learning Content Mangement Systems (LCMS)

As the name suggests, and LCMs is a combination of LMS and CMS solutions. These tools are specially designed to incorporate LMS capabilities, like progress tracking, to a typical CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. However, their functionalities are not robust when compared to a stand-alone interactive eLearning software. 

Programming Languages

One can also design online courses using HTML. Learners can browse such courses through the web without using an LMS or a dedicated application. However, to make it as an interactive eLearning software, elements like Flash, JavaScript, and Shockwave are also required. Simply, it demands skill-sets of an expert HTML programmer to design courses.

How eLearning Software Helps You?

Be any environment, all eLearning course software help in their typical way to meet an array of motives. Based on requirements, you can always adopt any of the above-mentioned solutions. Here are a few of the motives that can effectively be fulfilled through best eLearning software of your choice-

Corporate Training

Business organizations can save a lot of time, money, an effort usually spent in classroom training of new and current employees. An interactive eLearning software can make product training, service training, compliance training, and even Just-in-time job assistance accessible and economic.

As a Business Niche

As a business niche, eLearning offers a series of opportunities for starting Ed-tech businesses like Udemy, Varsity, Coursera, and Khan Academy. You can start a similar business and invite subject experts, companies, and influencers to sell their online courses on your eLearning marketplace.  

As an Income Source

If you are a subject expert and own exceptional skills that can be taught to others, then why keeping that to yourself. You can sign up on an online teaching marketplace or start your own site to generate income from your skills.

eLearning for Educational Institutes

If you run an educational institute, you can incorporate online learning solutions for your students. With learning modules available 24×7, students won’t have to depend on classroom sessions to prepare for exams or learn extra stuff. Blended learning will make education accessible for those who cannot attend the classes for any reason.

Pinlearn and eLearning Software Development

At PinLearn, we combine the latest development tools and skill set of our developers to deliver world-class solutions. As an eLearning software Development Company, we in-house a highly experienced team of developers, designers, architects, testers, and R&D team, working together for one goal of offering best-in-class readymade and custom eLearning software development services.

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  • Professional eLearning software and mobile apps development
  • Best-in-class testing to eradicate every existing bug
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  • Best post-sales support, software maintenance, & customer satisfaction
  • Best utilization of standardized practices to deliver an error free solution.
  • Flexible and scalable architecture to meet individual & business requirements

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  • Customer-Centric Approach
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